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Friday, February 16, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Will and Legal Mess

The story that will not die continues to onward with more legal wrangling as everyone tries to figure out where the $88 million will go. At first everyone thought that whoever is the father (from 5 candidates now) is will get the 8 month old daughter. Whoever gets the baby becomes the custodian of the fortune. By becoming custodian of the fortune they in effect get to live the life of luxery and wealth. Hire a couple nannies and enjoy the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

A new wrinkle has come up though with the will. Probably to the suprise of no one, Anna Nicole Smith neglected to update her will to keep up with the recent developments of her life, in this case the death of her son and birth of the daughter. The result is will gives her fortune to her dead son, so as of now, no one knows where the money will go. California law would have given the fortune to the daughter by default but Anna had recently moved, bought, or borrowed a house in Bermuda. Even that is unknown and undetermined. So depending on where her official place of residence is could decide to who the money goes. Long story short, its a gigantic FUBAR of a legal mess.

Ironic considering her lover, maybe husband, possible father of the little girl, was the lawyer that drew up the orginial will and its current executor. In theory you think he would know better. Of course this whole thing stinks to high hell and I still have to wonder what involvement Howard Stern has in the death of the Smith family. Its seems like a lot of the actions in the last year have helped create a legal mess that will give him sole custody of the girl and therefore full control over the Smith fortune. Being a lawyer, you think he would have figured out a better way to work this out as something like this could be fought in court for years.

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