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Friday, February 09, 2007

Autopsy Results on Anna Nicole Smith Inconclusive

The autopsy of Anna Nicole Smith has so far not explained the cause of death for the former Playmate. The results indicate she had not taken drugs, no evidence of long term drug use and no evidence of a crime. Basically the whole thing has that same mysterious what happened vibe that the odd death of her son last year had. One person dying is strange, but both, in the same family is very suspicious to me.

I am starting to wonder what is up. A possible suspect if a crime has been committed is Smith's sorta husband and lawyer who is probably very familiar with the terms of her will and with the oldest son and Anna herself gone, is probably set to inherit all the money she herself got as a result of her previous marriage.

It makes me think of all the Black Widows that get caught now and then using poison and they like to murder their husbands. They don't get caught the first or second time, but by the third the chance of coincidence goes away and you really have to wonder what's up. When things go wrong, its often smart to go to the common denominator be it a computer, car or in this case mysterious deaths. Hopefully there is no crime, its just a tragic event and her little girl will be taken care of but I am thinking this is just the beginning of a long and bizarre story.

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