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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Predictions?

The Oscars should be starting right about now and everyone is throwing around predictions. Usually I don't mind trying the same thing except for that most of the nomoniees I haven't see. Actually this is one of those years where I could care less who wins as most of the movies that I have seen just don't resonate with me in any way.

Part of my indifference may be due to the fact that the Oscars don't so much as cover the year 2006 in movies as more covers the months of November and Decemeber in movies. Its hard to care when knowing 10 months of the year don't really count. Then there is the huge advertising campaign that pretty much desolves the Oscars from "who deserves it" to "who spent the most money". Anyway just for giggles, based mostly on chance and lots of guessing, here are my wins for the main categories of the Oscars.

Best Picture: Babel
Best Actor: Forest Whitaker
Best Actress: Helen Mirren
Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy
Best Supporting Actress: Cat Blanchett
Best Dirctor: Martin Scorsese
Foreign Film: Pan's Laybrinth
Adapted Screensplay: The Departed
Orginial Screenplay: Babel
Animated Feature Film: Cars
Art Direction: Pan's Labyrinth
Cinematography: Pan's Labyrinth
Sound Mixing: Pirates of the Caribbean
Sound Editing: Flags of Our Fathers
Originial Score: Babel
Originial Song: Love You I Do
Visual Effects: Pirates of the Caribbean

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