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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reading First Program Under Scrutiny

The Reading First program, apart of Bush's No Child Left Behind Act, is under scrutiny for cronyism that benefited the Oregon professors that initially helped Bush create the law and the program. Its been discovered that the consultants used to help in various programs approved for funding were headed by top Bush administration donors. In other words, the consultants where pushing their own products while preventing any other competitors from entering the market.

This shouldn't be a surprise as there is literally no law, no action, that the Bush administration has taken that doesn't benefit his friends in some form or fashion. The Bush admin is the very definition of cronyism. Knowing he and his friends are willing to corrupt the education of our next generation is just further proof that there is nothing he isn't willing to do.

The Education Inspector General report on the Reading First program and also an AJC article regarding this corrupted program.

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