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Monday, March 12, 2007

Walter Reed Scandal = Lots of Resignations

The Walter Reed Scandal continues to cut through the ranks as more generals are forced to resign. Lt. General Kevin Kiley is the most recent as he announced his retirement as Army Surgeon General. This is after Major General George W. Weightman was removed. He was replaced by General Eric Schoomaker who has made it clear he doesn't see what the problem is and was charge of the facility from 2000 to 2004. Oh and the person that had put the now retired Kiley in the position, Secretary of the Army Francis Harvey also has resigned. Major General Gale Pollock will take over the postion temporarily. I have no real idea, but it seems like the entire chain of command for the medical corp of the Army has no resigned at least once.

The President, of course, continues to try to dodge this whole fiasco, basically saying its the Pentagon's problem and doesn't have anything to do with him. The president, being the commander in chief of the army, the great decider, has decided he is responsible for nothing. He, who has used Walter Reed as photo-ops, knows nothing and did nothing. Ah the great leadership that is Bush. George "Support Our Troops" Bush, the great leader...at least until the shit hits the fan and then he is point fingers everywhere. Now if only there was a way to force his resignation...

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