"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The End For Imus?

MSNBC has dropped Don Imus today, just hours after several advertisers have dropped out of his show. Imus is under fire for racial slurs against the Rudgers' Women's Basketball team.

I have noticed in the "discussion" of this issue, nothing is said about the double standards of the apparent no-no words. To me, if the words are not to be said, NO ONE should be allowed to say them including African Americans. If its not allowed there should be no exceptions. So the next time I hear the N-Word in a rap song, I want to see the same media attention and Al Sharpton condemning it. Of course Al is just a politician and he is fanning the flames because it helps make that mansion payment. To bad the sheep....er mean the public keeps playing along with these tactics rather then calling for real progress.

Is Al Sharpton, so-called Reverend (in title but rarely in action), really the person to lead this so-called great injustice? Other then his political motivations, he has his own programs which this fiasco helps to promote and of course his very rich lifestyle to maintain. Then there is his apparent inability to practice the actual teachings of his religion, you know the whole "forgive" thing. I guess the opportunity of green is more important.

Ironically, when the dust settles, if Imus rides the waves correctly, he will have higher ratings then ever as the curious listen in to him to see if he makes another mistake. In the effort to condemn him, its looks like the two that should benefit the least from this media manufactured controversy (Al Sharpton and Imus) will be the ones to benefit the most. Good job to the sheep of the country.

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