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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

ABC 2007 Fall Schedule

ABC has announced its '07 fall schedule today. Since ABC is number 1 nearly across the board, the schedule is more designed as a repair here and there then major overhaul. Lots of renewals including bubble shows such as Men in Trees, Notes from the Underbelly, and October Road. Major cancellations include According to Jim, George Lopez Show, and What About Brian. Several new shows, mostly dramas.

Big Shots is about 4 male CEO's and their various sexual conquests and problems. Basically Lipstick Jungle with men. It has Christopher Titus whose Fox show I was a fan of so I will at least sample it.

Carpoolers is a drama about the life and family problems of 4 guys who carpool together. Each represents a different aspect of the suburban lifestyle and sure much chaos will ensue for mostly silly moments.

Cashmere Mafia is another Sex and the City clone (what is up with all the clones this year?). Basically Lipstick Jungle or Big Shots with 4 women. Rich powerful women and the problems they have. Has the always hot Mirando Otto in the cast so I will sample it too.

Cavemen is based on the Geico commercials, only without the same actor, humor or situation. Its the usually case of taking an idea that works...and completely redoing it. Basically it will suck and be cancelled in a few weeks.

Dirty Sexy Money following the Darlings family and their various squabbles, ambitions and problems, one of whom is a presidential candidate. The family is royally screwed up but thankfully one of them is a do-gooder who tries to cover up and protect the family. Hilarity and many soliloquies for Donald Sutherland ensue. It has Zoe McLellan and Samaire Armstrong in the cast. Fan of those two hotties so will at least watch the pilot.

Next up is Eli Stone an attorney who discovers his conscience and starts working pro-bono cases all while apparently becoming more spiritual. Basically change for lots and lots of speeches and long winded heartfelt closing statements. Yawn. Been there, done that, tired of it.

Miss/Guided is a comedy about Becky and Lisa, rivals in high school and now rivals working on the faculty of the school. Hilarity ensues as the rivals learn to like each, try to find love and go after the same guy. Its has Becky Greer, an actress I like, but also has Brooke Burns, a hot women of minimal talent. Pass.

Oprah's Big Give is 8 episode "competition" where people can give stuff to change people's live. Grab a hanky, dab the tears. Pass.

Private Practice is that Grey's Anatomy spin-off where Addison goes to find lots of sex at a friends practice. Babies get saved, everyone whines and cries. And lots of sex and flirting. The pilot ep was boring so not so sure about this show.

Pushing Daisies is about a creepy ability to return people from the dead temporarily so can help a PI solve murder cases. The twist is he saves the women he loves and she stays alive, only he can't touch her again or dies. Sounds interesting, but the can't touch idea is going to get thin after a few episodes. Chi McBride is in it and I am a fan of the actor so will at least sample.

Sam I Am is about comedy about a women suffering amnesia about her entire life after a hit and run. She learns she was a vicious person and tries not to repeat past (or new to her) mistakes. Eh maybe.

Women's Murder Club is based on the book series from the James Patterson. Having read the series, which is very light quick read, its actually perfect for TV. Its about a cop, reporter, DA and medical examiner getting together to solve murders bypassing the red tape of their jobs. Oh yeah all female so sure lots of angst and relationship stuff will pop up. If the stories are strong and the cast interacts well, it could be a success. I will at least watch to find out. The key will be to avoid the clunky "voice" that the characters have in the books.

The ABC schedule:
8pm: "Dancing with the Stars"
9pm: "Sam I Am"
10pm: "The Bachelor"

8pm: "Cavemen"
8:30pm: "Carpoolers"
9pm: "Dancing with the Stars Results"
10pm: "Boston Legal"

8pm: "Pushing Daisies"
9pm: "Private Practice"
10pm: "Dirty Sexy Money"

8pm: "Ugly Betty"
9pm: "Grey's Anatomy"
10pm: "Big Shots"

8pm: "Men in Trees"
9pm: "Women's Murder Club"
10pm: "20/20"

8pm: "Saturday Night College Football"

7pm: "America's Funniest Home Videos"
8pm: "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"
9pm: "Desperate Housewives "
10pm: "Brothers and Sisters"

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