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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CBS 2007 Fall Schedule TV

CBS announced its fall TV schedule today. Lots of renewals including the CSI's, Numbers, Unit and so forth. Cancellations include Jericho, Close to Home and Waterfront. Really though CBS has a rock solid schedule so really not many changes needed. Shame about Jericho though. I think they suffered from Lost fatigue. People just are not willing to put up with shows that dole out the revelations in a slow ponderous fashion. If you can't go at a "Heroes" post of providing answers while creating more questions, the audience isn't going to stick around. Lost simply killed people's patience for the 1 gas tank of story for a series mentality that Lost suffers from. If the tank can't be refilled, suggests a fundamental problem with the series. Anyway so not to many cancellations, lots of renewals, and 6 new shows, about the same as the hurting NBC who doesn't have the budget to turn things around.

The Big Bang Theory is about a bunch of nerds that are socially inept meeting the girl of their dreams via a new neighbor. Friendships are forged, romance triangles created and awkwardness is sure to abound. Pass.

Cane is a "Latino Drama", quite distinct from just a "drama" cause it has latinos in the cast including Jimmy Smits. Its about the problems of a cuban-american family running a sugar business in Florida. Smits and Hector Elizondo can make reading the phone book intriguing so its all on the writing and supporting cast to make it worth tuning into on a regular basis.

Kid Nation is a reality show that gives kids 8-15 40 days to building a "society" in a 19th Century ghost town. Basically they must care for themselves, supply the necessities and run businesses and town government. Basic idea is if ask kids to take adult responsibilities without adult supervision, what will win out, the desire to do right or play. Could be interesting depending on execution and casting. To many obnoxious kids could screw things up.

Moonlight is Blade without the weapons. Vampire does good for the living with help of various friends. Basically regular murder mysteries series with supernatural twist. Probably check it out.

Swingtown is set in the 70s and covers the sexual revolution of suburbia. Its basically Desperate Housewives set in the 70s with not as many uptight people. Has Molly Parker in it, so will at least catch the pilot.

Viva Laughlin is mystery musical drama. I stopped reading after that as can't stand musicals.

CBS Schedule:
8pm: "How I Met Your Mother"
8:30pm: "The Big Bang Theory"
9pm: "Two and a Half Men"
9:30pm: "Rules of Engagement"
10pm: "C.S.I.: Miami"

8pm: "N.C.I.S."
9pm: "The Unit"
10pm: "Cane"

8pm: "Kid Nation"
9pm: "Criminal Minds"
10pm: "C.S.I.: NY"

8pm: "Survivor"
9pm: "C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation"
10pm: "Without a Trace"

8pm: "Ghost Whisperer"
9pm: "Moonlight"
10pm: "Numb3rs"

8pm: "Crime Time Saturday"
10pm: "48 Hours: Mystery"

7pm: "60 Minutes"
8pm: "Viva Laughlin"
9pm: "Cold Case"
10pm: "Shark"

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