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Monday, May 14, 2007

NBC 2007 Fall Schedule

NBC announced there 2007 fall TV schedule today. The currently airing casualties include Crossing Jordan which is now not going to get a proper send-off. Something that NBC doesn't seem to like to do unless the show is at least 7 years old. Studio 60 also failed to renew to the suprise of no one. Sucks to cause the show had a lot of potential, just needed time.

Renewals include a reduced schedule of Scrubs for its probable final season with only 18 eps. This is made up by 30 episodes of The Office for the season, five of which will be hour long. All three Law and Orders have been renewed but for some reason, probably budget related, Criminial Intent will air on the USA Network first, with NBC airing the episodes later. I am thinking the move is to shift some money expense to USA's budget while allowing NBC to use the show to fill schedule gaps when some of their new shows fail. As for those new shows, well I am thinking the NBC shall remain in 4th place. None of them seem particularily very good.

The Bionic Women, based off the 70s series and trying to ride the Heroes format, might actually be a good program. However, historically NBC has a short fuse for sci-fi related programs. I expect this one to get shoveled off to the Sci-Fi network at some point.

Chuck is a sci-fi/comedy where a guy gets the world's spy secrets downloaded to his brain. Hilarity ensues. I expect it to last 3 episodes before cancelled.

The I.T. Crowd is another where a women takes two nerds, removes their glasses, fixes their hairs and clothes and suddenly they are boff handsome guys that women want. I am sure a love triangle will be involved with the main characters to at some point. I am yawning just thinking about it.

Journeyman is basically Quantum Leap with a personal touch. Guy has a great life, suddenly in the past with the knowledge to fix people's lives, including his own if he so chooses. Drama and angst over what should or should not do ensues. Its not clear if he bounces back and forth in time to see the consequences of his changes, which might make for a more interesting show.

Life is about a cop that is out of jail after proved innocent and the effort to pick up the pieces of both his life and police career. In real life, innocent or not, his life would be screwed and his career over. In TV land, there is room for recovery once have sufficient drama and stares. I expect the required IA and partner who still believes he is guilty, the angry wife/gf, and the understanding but reluctant boss. Anyway, expecting it to be predictable and tiresome.

Lipstick Jungle is the last of the new Fall shows, based upon a Candace Bushnell book. Basically Sex and the City only the girls are more powerful and rich.

The schedule:
8pm: "Deal or No Deal"
9pm: "Heroes"
10pm: "Journeyman"

8pm: "The Biggest Loser"
9pm: "Chuck"
10pm: "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit"

8pm: "Deal or No Deal"
9pm: "Bionic Woman"
10pm: "Life"

8pm: "My Name Is Earl"
8:30pm: "30 Rock"
9pm: "The Office"
9:30pm: "Scrubs"
10pm: "E.R."

8pm: "1 vs. 100"
8:30pm: "The Singing Bee"
9pm: "Las Vegas"
10pm: "Friday Night Lights"

8pm: "Dateline Saturday"
9pm: "Drama Series Encores"

7pm: "Football Night In America" (Fall)
8pm: "Sunday Night Football" (Fall)
7pm: "Dateline NBC" (Spring)
8pm: "Law and Order" (Spring)
9pm: "Medium" (Spring)
10pm: "Lipstick Jungle" (Spring)

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