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Thursday, June 07, 2007

AT&T: To Hell With Net Neutrality

From Crooks and Liars, AT&T chief Ed Whitacre has made it clear that he believes that screwing over the customers is what AT&T exists to do. The once and future monopoly has made it clear that its goal is to buy Congress so anti-net neutrality legislation can be passed. "Will congress let us do it? You bet they will - cus we don't call it cashin' in. We call it 'deregulation'." Below is a funny video about it.

He actually has a point. Congress would pass a law legalizing murder if enough money enters their coffers. As for the public in general, throw the world "deregulation" around and they will by it hook like and sinker even though the last 25 years of deregulation as not shown one postitive effect for consumers. Its been a boon for business, but the customers are forced to deal with a series of cartels be it cable companies, gas, telephones, communications, or credit cards.

“There’s a problem. It’s called Net Neutrality,” Whitacre told the heirs to AT&T’s telecommunications empire. “Well, frankly, we say to hell with that. We’re gonna put up some toll booths and start charging admission.”

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