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Monday, August 06, 2007

TechTV Reborn Online

If you a fan of TechTV before it was run into the ground by the buyout from G4, be glad to now its basically reborn online via the use of pod casting, webcasting, and IP TV.

If you loved the Screensavers with Patrick Norton, Sarah Lane (or Moran), Kevin Rose, Martin Sargent and may others, then be sure to check out the many offering from Revision3. I personally recommend Diggnation, InDigital, and Systm.

If you a fan of Leo Laporte, go to TWIT.tv. The TWIT stands for this week in tech and its a network of podcasts, many many podcasts that covers pretty much any tech related topic under the sun you can think of. Many TechTV folks, such as John C. Dvorak (who also does Cranky Geeks) and others. On that network I recommed the podcasts "This Week In Tech" and net@nite. Leo's cohost on net@nite is the talented and lovely Amber "i have a crush on her" MacArthur and she also creates and hosts commandN, another recommendation.

Finally TechTV and now G4 X-Play host and babe extraordinaire (lovely but no Amber) Morgan Webb has started her own tech related webcast called Webb Alert. Its a five minute or so webcast that covers daily tech events. Its just started last week and out of the gate its comes across as a slick professional program that should lead to many things for her.

Ff you loved TechTV, you will love all that programming and many more. I just wish I had worked for TechTV now so could join in something that appears like is a lot of fun to do. I don't have the looks but do have ideas to expand what some of them are doing including Webb Alert. Ah to have connections and now people.

And nope this isn't an advertisement. Don't have enough readers for that (darn it). Just a strong recommendation for some great content.

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