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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New iPod Lineup from Apple

Today Steve Jobs hosted a keynote that introduced an entire updated line of iPods and modified iTunes store. The highlights include a new colors for the iPod Shuffle, a new designed nano with screen, the iPod Video (now Classic), and the iPod Touch. In addition iTunes has got an update with allowing the creating of ring tones (for 99 cents) and wi-fi music store. The details are below.

iPod Shuffle
- same design, same price ($79), additional new colors of dark red, purple, light blue, light green and red (for AIDS charity program for various electronic products).
- In stores this weekend

iPod Nano
- 2 models 4GB ($149) and 8GB ($199)
- basically a tiny iPod Video
- now has video capability and new user interface with Cover Flow and 3 games built in
- 2 inch QVGA 320x240 screen that is 65% brighter then previous models with 204 pizels per inch
- comes in dark red, purple, light blue and light green colors
- battery life: 24 hours audio or 5 hours video
- Available in stores this weekend
- Hands-on and pics: here and here and here

iPod Classic
- now 80GB ($249) and 160GB ($349) in size
- new GUI interface, but overall same as iPod Video its replacing
- all polished steel body except for clickwheel
- Cover Flow built in (but not as smooth as on iPhone)
- battery life: 40 hours audio or 7 hours video
- In stores by the weekend
- Hands-on and pics: here and here and here

iPod Touch
- basically the iPhone without phone capabilities
- touchscreen Cover Flow, Wi-Fi, Safari web browswer, iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store and YouTube but no email application
- Flash drives so 8GB model ($299) and 16GB model ($399)
- 3.5 inch widescreen display with light sensor to autodim the screen
- 8mm thin
- battery life: 22 hours audio or 5 hours video, no info on wi-fi does to battery though
- Ships worldwide by end of the month
- Walkthrough video here
- Hands-on and pics: video, and here and here and here

- Now ability to create customized ring tones from 12 to 21 seconds in length using a graphic editor
- Ring tones made from existing library but costs an additional 99 cents.
- Ring tones for iPhone only.
- iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store available to download purchased songs directly from a wi-fi connection and later sync to new purchases back to desktop on iPod Touch and iPhone
- No mention on if/how podcasts and the like would work.
- Deal with Starbucks to sample and later purchase songs playing at Starbucks stores nationwide. Will take a year or so to roll out in the stores though.
- Hands-on and pics: here and here

- $200 price drop for 8GB model (now $399), 4GB discontinued (remaining discounted to $299)
- update in less then month will introduce iTunes Wi-Fi store (I assume will come out at same time as iPod Touch)

Overall, if you in the market for an iPod, its a tough choice to make. Want video, just a player, like the bells and whistles of a touch screen? Five models, but lots of choices depending on your needs. Personally, I want the iPod Touch but the price is making me pause and wait it out. Not enough memory to make it worthwhile. Besides I want to see what the hack community does to that puppy.

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