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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Season 9-24

The new season has started across the board for the big 4. Yesterday Fox started things with their cartoon lineup. Simpsons missed a step on the ep and wasted Colbert. King of the Hill was good if slightly over the top. Family Guy was completely over the top and hilarious as always.

So now to Monday. Lots of new stuff and lots of returning favorites. Being lazy, not going to do paragraphs of reviews, more just blurbs of what I thought of the stuff I watched or recorded.

How I Met Your Mother - Hilarious as always. I miss Alyson Hannigan's red hair. She is still hot, but considering how rare natural redheads are, just don't get this tendency to die it away.

CSI: Miami - New season, same stories. Its entertaining enough but it appears the Horatio with son storyline is going to be as tedious as all his family related storylines from seasons past.

Prison Break - Second ep. Still not sure if my attention is grabbed. Everything is a little to easy this season. "Whistler" has been hiding for years in a hole and suddenly everyone knows where he is. The water pipes have been broken for a year and boom, our hero knows exactly where and what to do to fix the problem. I don't know, its tiresome. Hopefully the prison break will not take all season long. Don't think can wait that long.

Chuck - The pilot ep was very entertaining. Overall its a show I will continue to watch and it doesn't hurt to have the beautiful eye candy in the form of Sarah Lancaster (currently wasted) and Yvonne Strzechowski. Worth checking out if you haven't already.

Heroes - Woot season 2 begins. New mysteries to discover including the murder of George Takai (darnit). If you liked the first season, there is not reason not to watch the second.

Journeyman - Good first ep. The time traveling motif can be very entertaining if handled well. So far so good. The only problem is while the dude is in the past, time still moves forward in the present. The result is having to explain sudden and sometimes long disappearances to his family and friends. This is fine as a short term character device, but 22 eps of explaining those disappearances is going to get very old very quick. Hopefully a permanent solution will present itself by mid-season.

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