"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Season 9-25

More TV, more comments to share on the stuff I decided to watch.

House - Hey its House. Same as the last seasons. He is still a dick. He still gets it "right" yet somehow wrong. In the real world he would have been tossed out long ago and broke from lawsuits. But in TV land he continues to amuse and I personally am looking forward to his interviews "survivor" style that will be running theme of the next few eps.

Law and Order: SVU - Same as last season. Continues to entertain while being a bit disturbing. One of the best dramas on TV.

Boston Legal - Hmm I like and don't like the show. The casting director continues to have an eye for beauty. The writing (and acting) continues to be over the top. Shatner continues to chew the scenery while really having very little to do. Basically at this point its 50% boring, 50% entertaining, but the entertaining part is usually so well done its worth the boring.

Beauty and the Geek - I am a geek so it speaks to me. Sadly the "Aspiring" Playmate Amanda was kicked, probably resulting in an excellent rebound that would make a basketball proud if she landed chest first when kicked out. The sentiment and humanity of the show's first season remains on vacation and unlikely to return.

Reaper - The pilot ep was directed by Kevin Smith. How do you know this? Because the credits tell you. Otherwise its presentation was no different then any other show. As for the show itself, its like Supernatural with a better sense of humor. Overall entertaining and worth checking it.

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