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Friday, September 28, 2007

New Season 9/26

Oops thought I had done this already and discovered I hadn't. So on to pocket reviews of Wednesday programs.

Private Practice - DOA unless it improves and quickly. It frankly bored me. The addison character is lovely, but the emsemble as a whole doesn't hold my attention. Considering the calibur of the cast, I am thinking its the writing thats dropping the ball.

Dirty Sexy Money - Hmmm Zoe McCellan. Fan of hers for quite a while. Lovely women. Not enough to get me to keep watching this show. Its has a lot of potential but the whining of the rich and famous just doesn't grab my interest.

Criminial Minds - Fabulous as always and good job of making use of Mandy in the one episode he will be in before his famous walkout. I hope more shows learn from this and remember that the talent can be and should be replaced when their ego gets in the way of getting the job done. Any case, another outstanding if depressing ep and a show that remains on my must see list.

CSI:NY - Still the red-headed stepchild of the CSI franchise. Despite my best efforts I just can't get that into this show. I think I watch more out of habit then real interest. I notice I zone out more and more while watching this show and just don't seem to care.

Back To You - Its got Fraiser playing Frasier as a newscaster. I laughed and was entertained so mission accomplished. Probably already clearing shelf space for Emmy's even though its no where near that good.

Bionic Women - Lots of potential. Katie Sackhoff pretty much steals every scene she is in. Also she somehow became sexy. Not sure when that happened. Very odd. The show could be good, very good but something is holding it back but can't put my finger on it. Lack of imagniation might be part of the problem...or budget. Saddling Jamie with a sister she has to raise wasn't a good move either. They want to humanize the character and rather doing it the hard way - through the story, they decided to go lazy by giving her the abusive father abandons sister she must raise backstory. The problem is the usual problem with giving characters kids in dramas...you have to keep dealing with them. To ignore their existence is to make the person a crappy parent which is not a good characteristic for the hero. Even the pilot ep showed how they had no idea what to do with the kid now that they where saddled with her. Big problem. Jettison the sister as soon as possible and focus on the rest of the adult emsemble. Dang that was long but the sister bit really really dragged the pilot episode down and is very very lazy writing which doesn't bode well for the future of this series.

Life - This is a strange show with a strange character. Sarah Shahi and Brooke Langston where yummy throughout but I can't determine if I like it or not. I am going to give it a few more eps before making up my mind.

Gossip Girl - Didn't watch this week but did last week. Was bored throughout. Once again the whining of the rich and famous just doesn't interest me.

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