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Friday, September 28, 2007

New Season 9/27

Ah the crowded Thursday. So many channels so little VCRs.

My Name Is Earl - Continues to be funny. The delicious Jamie Pressley continues to chew scenery.

The Office - I am entertained by the show but I notice I don't actually laugh that much. Its one of those that if I missed it, I wouldn't particularly care.

ER - Its ER. The formula hasn't changed a bit with just enough interesting characters to overcome the crappy ones. With the help of the trusty remote can usually speed through an hour ep in about half hour by skipping the uninteresting story arcs of the ep.

Smallville - Drool, the lovely and gorgeous Allison Mack. Her character continues to be the emotional center of the show and she continues to show why with acting skills that far far outpaces the others. I was entertained by the ending teaser with Supergirl flying...well they might want to spend a little more on those flying effects.

CSI - The original remains the best. Sara remains alive (darn) but the episode was intense and well paced. Remains on the must see list.

Without a Trace - More episodes I watch the less interested I keep becoming. Even the introduction of James Marsters may not be enough to keep me watching through the season.

Ugly Betty - More of the same of first season and thats not a good thing. Lot of storyline recyling and I am simply getting bored with it.

Grey's Anatomy - Me thinks the launching of Private Practice is running the writing staff and others ragged as its clearly suffering. Hopefully it will find its legs but I don't know if I have the patience to wait. The long series of will he or she that goes on and on and on is getting really really boring.

Big Shots - I like the cast. The funny comes and goes but don't know if will stick with. I will give it a few more eps to make sure.

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