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Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Season 9/28

First Friday of the new season and not as much new stuff as the previous days.

Moonlight - Vampire investigator, shades of Angel. But not as good or compelling. Its pretty average vampire stuff, but nothing like this on television currently so points there. Will give it a few more eps to grab my attention more.

Numbers - Same as the previous seasons. The wonders of math (and most probably exaggerated and not true). I liked it last season so probably will this season.

Las Vegas - James Caan (darn) and anarexic plastic surgery loving Nikki Cox are gone. Replaced by Tom Selleck. Who plays a cowboy. Literally. In both look and approach. To soon to tell if it too stupid to get past or just stupid enough to entertain. Ultimately Las Vegas remains popcorn movie of television. Its not there to study the human condition or teach. It just wants to entertain and most of the time it does just that.

Stargate: Atlantis - Sigh I miss Stargate. It did its job well - be entertaining. Atlantis does to, just not as well as the orginial. Still they do what no other show does on television (now) and have great cliffhangers and over the top story telling. Some compare it to Star Trek and Star Wars which isn't a fair comparison. Its not meant to be them. It just wants to tell a lot of stories in its own universe in an enteraining way which I have enjoyed immensely for 10 years and plan to continue to do so.

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