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Friday, October 26, 2007

Iraq War Money Cost Visual Aid

Crooks and Liars posted a nice visual aid (which the site got from here) to help explain the financial cost of the Iraqi war in terms that are easier to comprehend. Its numbers are staggering. As it stands the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) estimates the war will end up costing $2.7 Trillion. Yes, with a T, not a B.

To see what this like, below is a stack of $9 million dollars compared to a car and a human.

On the same scale, this is $191 Billion dollars ("just" $5 billion short of the $186 Billion is going to spend this year on the war). The tiny dark spot in the bottom middle, that is the car, just to help with the scale.

Now this is $316 billion. Again notice how tiny the car and man is.

Multiple that "building" of money by 7x and you have a true idea of the scope of the money being spent on a country that wasn't a threat to the US and proven to not be involved in 9/11, something that Bush and Cheney reluctantly admitted to. All this money and 3000+ American dead and 50000k casualties so that Haliburton and Bushies could benefit financially from the war. Also so Bush could show up his father for a perceived "failure" of leaving Saddamn in power.

I can't help but wonder how just one's years expense of this war could benefit Americans directly via various programs or just simple give back via tax cuts. Makes me glad I don't have children who will have to deal with this mess, assuming that China just doesn't buy us out since all that money is being borrowed from them.

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