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Monday, October 01, 2007

New Season 9/30

Whee Sunday with the return of stuff.

Desperate Housewives - Women are hot. Everyone has secrets. So and so forth. Last few seasons redux.

Brothers and Sisters - Hmmm Emily VanCamp. Other people do stuff to. Its a meladrama with a good sense of humor. Like ER, I record it and just watch the storylines interested in and skip the rest.

Cold Case - Its the same crime drama its been for many seasons now. If liked it in the past will now.

Shark - I watch it but sometimes don't know why. Woods is the usual scenary chewer which is actually getting to be a bit one note. One of those that will watch if have time but if I miss it, don't feel like I missed anything.

Gossip Girl - I want to like this show. Watched two eps now. The women are hot. The two main lead characters Dan and Serena (Blake Lively gorgeous sister of the gorgeous Robyn Lively) have good on screen chemsistry. When the show is focused on them its gets more interseting. As soon as it drifts to the supporting cast it gets dull and silly. Probably going to pass on this one.

Simpsons - Same as the previous 18 seasons. I still see it as must see tv.

King of the Hill - If this show was a life action comedy it would have already won more then a few Emmys. Great cartoon.

Family Guy - Over the top as always creating great entertaining television.

American Dad - Eh my interest comes and goes. Sometimes its funny other times its just to silly.

Dexter - The plot gets thicker as the watery grave of Dexter's kills are discovered. That plot alone is enough to fuel an entire season but sure all kinds of other things will be going on. One of the programs look forward to each Sunday.

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