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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TV Quick Hits 10/21

Desperate Housewives - Susan pisses off a new gay couple in various ways including dog napping. Bree's ex-dead-husband's mother pays a visit and discovers the fake baby scam thing and interferes by whisking away her daughter. Edie got crabs, gave it to Carlos, who gave it to Gabby, who gave it her husband. Via the use of the crab medicine, Edie now knows Carlos is cheating on her with Gabby. Lynette and her man discover better sex via wigs. Basically a silly episode all around, especially the Susan stuff.

Brothers and Sisters - The army brother is getting addicted to his pain medicine. The wine owning brother is tempted (did, not clear) to cheat on his wife who has taken a sabbatical because their son died shortly after birth (last season). Ally McBeal, 6ft Under and Sally go to a spa...and really nothing happens. Basically a tune out episode with me only vaguely paying attention to what occurred.

Cold Case - The female portion of a pair of grifters dies after being in a coma for 20 years from a gunshot. Obviously her partner and other marks are suspected. As is often the case for this show, it was love that caused her death as her partner (and apparently son) turned on her and the mark killed her in a $3 million dollar insurance scam (that turned out not to be a scam since she actually died rather then the one made to look like her). Convoluted story, more creative then most their stories. Is it me or is Kathryn Morris looking a bit on the creepy side, like her head is now to big for her body? Usually that's a sign of anorexia, which would be a damn shame cause she was a stunner, but skeletons don't look good to me.

Shark - A science building floor goes boom. First the FBI thinks its a student that fits their profile but one of Shark's team say "nay! I say thee nay!!!" after the kids attempts suicide. Ok would have been awesome if said it that way, but anyway turns out a couple goes up that for nooky and the ex-boyfriend wanted revenge for daring to break up with him. Sharks does his legal mumbo jumbo and bad guy goes to jail and poor innocent student goes back to school under the awkward looks of people knowing they screwed up cause despite being in college they forget that accusation of guilt and actually being guilty are two different things.

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