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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TV Quick Hits 10/22

Chuck - Chuck helps save the brother if a Chinese spy, screwing his best bud and sister by not spending time with them. Needy folks. The man is getting laid (supposedly) and they trying to interfere. Another good show, about my only complaint is the bizarre half second pause of action here and there. It seemed completely random and did absolutely nothing except making you go "wtf?".

Heroes - Matt (and Nathan) finds his dad, who proceeds to trap him in a nightmare of his own creation but they manage to get out of it. Nici is trying to be "cured" of her power via the company. The New Orleans cousin play with their powers some more. Hiro shows up briefly but nothing really happens. Kristen Bell made her appearance looking better then ever but basically playing Veronica Mars in permanent bitch mode. Her assignment is to hunt down Peter, but no clear if its to capture or kill. Her power is electricty, which explains where Peter got his from ep 2. On the plus side, the Plague Twins didn't make an appearance.

How I Met Your Mother - Another hilarious ep, this time covering how the gang met each other (basically roommate in college and at the bar) while out with a hot but crazy girl at the bar. Its also added something to the pop culture venacular, the "Vicky Mendoza Diagonal", where Hot is on the Y axis, crazy on the X. The line starts from 0 with a slop of 1. Basically plot where the girl lies on the graph (crazy, hot). If the dot is above, then the crazy is worth the hotness and if below the line then the hot isn't worth the crazy. Pretty genius, I hope it becomes a running joke on the show. Another genius is the girl's name "blah, blah" because Ted simply couldn't remember her name when relating the story of the crazy girl.

CSI: Miami - Dina Meyer guests (the wife). Fan of hers, partly because of her role choices but mostly she is gorgeous. Doesn't get much work though. Barely used here. Another guest of interest is Claire Coffee (the reporter) who was looking pretty good in the ep, a look she should keep. Hormonal comments aside, the ep was about a pro football player that is murdered with wife, various lovers, agent, and a ambitious obituary reporter, its discovered that one of his lovers stabbed him for refusing to help his dying illegitimate child and the wife finished the kill 40 minutes later (kind of, by pulling the knife out of his neck causing him to bleed to death).

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