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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TV Quick Hits 10/23

Bones - They solved a murder involving bones and proved to a goofy FBI psychologist they make a good team. Go team!! Yep the ep was about as corny as it sounds, but next week's ep has Emily Deschanel in a Wonder Women outfit, so expecting the Halloween ep to be a good one.

House - Survivor continues and another player gets eliminated, this time via a "rose" ceremony. Sadly my favorite one Taub (the non-doctor) was kicked for telling House what he already knew when House wants opposing viewpoints. The case itself was a girl taking moldy bread that acted like LSD. I am going to be sad when the final three are decided to 13, Kutner, and Brennan. Also Eric is back, just hired by Cuddy, since blacklisted as being "House Lite".

Beauty and the Geek - The gang goes to the San Diego Comic-con. The girls have to come up with a superheroine and back story and the guys have to build the costume they will wear for a few comic professionals. The beauties disdain the con while the geeks have an orgasm. To bad the girls are not into reading or they would have known about all the movie stars that showed up to promote their wares. When they find out they are going to be annoyed at the missed opportunity to find the sugar daddies they been shooting for. Jesse and Erin get jettisoned in a pop culture questionnaire.

Reaper - The boys must use a sweater to absorb a slime demon. Gross, but amusing. Especially when apparently freddy kruger claws are needed to extract them from the slimed saturated sweater.

Law and Order: SVU - An episode on torture where a "doctor" helps design "benign" means of torturing women but forgets all about the followup where apparently heart attacks are common. Excellent episode that covers the pro and con arguments to torture. I personally fall on the con as I don't see how torture results in good intel. People are just going to say what they think people want to here. Course the government hides the ratio of good intel vs bad intel that rose from torture, probably because they know the percentage would be unacceptably low.

NCIS - Guy gets shot, turns out the wife, really a spy, did it. The more fun part was the B story of Abby getting a job offer and how the rumor mill escalated the offer.

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