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Sunday, October 28, 2007

TV Quick Hits 10/24

Bionic Women - Jamie goes undercover to find out why a recovered POW went kaka and killed all the doctors that where treating him. As part of the identity, she "takes on" a British accent. Which is her real accent, being British and all. What is it with the British and Australians able to do a better American accent then Americans? Michelle Ryan added a few notches to the sexy meter with that accent. As for the story, bad guy gets caught selling the microchip that allows the programming of people to do actions against their will and all is well, especially since Jaime met a man from the CIA to bump uglies with.

Life - Uh forgot to pay attention. Something about a pimp who managed to surround himself with nothing but knockouts and one of them died.

Criminal Minds - The lovely (but better with long hair) Suzanne Cryer guests as the aunt of a kidnapped girl in a mall that was locked down preventing the kidnapper and girl from leaving. At first the Minds crew thinks its a serial pedophile who kills them within an hour but the right questions and hints, learn that the uncle was molesting the girl and the aunt decided that if the girl was killed it would fix her marriage and husband. The girl lives. Sadly the criminal couple leave behind a boy. Overall, no deaths, maybe a first for the series, but a sad story nonetheless. Well executed as always.

CSI: NY - Second Life advertising fest as an assassin kills a person to claim her popular avatar to give the assassin access to murder a US Senator that was sleeping with the now dead girl. Pretty over the top and convoluted story. Entertaining too. Amazingly enough, the killer gets away. Doesn't happen often on the CSI shows.

Private Practice - Stuff happened I guess. Didn't care enough to remember it so could make snarky comments about it.

Dirty Sexy Money - Brian's wife learns he had a boy with another women, wants a divorce. The twins continue to bicker over the other woman, who isn't really preggers. Nick talks to Simon to figure out what his dad was doing with the rival billionaire, basically comes down to him being an advisor and was about to quit and work for Simon. Jeremy later loses it a bit once confirms the pregger lie cause knows that most of the people in his life want him for his moolah. Considering what a waste of space he is, no one would want the character for his personality. I think supposed to feel bad for him but can't, the writers forgot to set him up better. Also apparently paintings of ants is big money in New York. Don't understand it either.

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