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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Week 2 New Season 10/1

The second week has started and get to continue the mini reviews and more shows take a bow and other shows prove if they have legs or not. The pilots are not always proof of a show's full potential after all. Sometimes an entire season isn't, even thought I doubt the networks will have patience to wait that long.

How I Met Your Mother - Not much to say. I laughed and I laughed some more. Last week was good. This week was good. Chances are so will the next few weeks. I am however glad that they have ended the other boyfriend subplot for Robin (hmmm Cobie Smulders).

Prison Break - The first season prison break was exciting, new and complicated. The third season prison break is getting pretty darn dull and seems familiar...like the first season. The show is good but I wish it would move along a little faster. Well are the puzzles, the problems etc that would be worth watching.

Chuck - A am digging this show. Its very entertaining and good. Its moving along the Chuck has secrets subplot, getting him use to being a target and having secrets. Based on the preview it looks like the next ep he gets thrown in the deep end. Should be good and funny. Part of the reason though enjoying the show is the delightful eye candy combo of Yvonne Strzechowsky (oh those eyes) and little used Sarah Lancaster (oh that smile). Much crushing going on.

Heroes - This season seems to be going alot slower then last season. More carefully paced, not sure if that's a good thing or not. One subplot already tired of is the twin subplot. Last year the nuclear man knew he was a danger to others and tried to control his powers in seclusion. This year we have an emotional trainwreck that seems to have no problem risking killing those around her. Not attempt at control, no attempt at seclusion, no real concern for others really. Normally we would call that psychotic behavior but here, because her bro loves her and she cries alot, its supposed to be tragic. The character's body count is already greater then Silar's and already irredeemable. Worse this subplot is boring. Kill the twins and move on to something interesting!

Journeyman - I watched the pilot because of Moon Bloodgood. She is a talented knockout in need of a hit. Sadly this probably isn't going to be it. Chances are it will not survive the month. Which is a shame as this show has a great deal of potential, I think it just needs better writers. The present day wife in distress dealing with the time traveling husband is not terribly interesting. Also the consequences of his time traveling interference is minor at best. That worked in the days of Quantum Leap but now it has to have meat. There has to be consequences good and bad. Also there should be no guarantees of success. I guess what I mean is the show lacks stakes. Show the domino effect. Show the changes that are being wrought. Make it count.

CSI: Miami - Its CSI, same as last week. Nothing new to add.

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