"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Week 2 New Season 10/2

NCIS - Still entertaining. Watch one ep, liked it, probably like rest as all the same. Doing some story arc thing with Denoso (however you spell it) having found and lost love but its not dragging anything down. Where most shows would make it the focus, here its just a subplot.

Beauty and the Geek - I have decided that Rebecca is my new favorite. Because she is the prettiest. That's the only reason. If went for brains I would be SOL after all.

Bones - Same o same o. Just read the first book featuring the character Temperance and it turns out the book character and the show character are nothing alike except in job title. The book Tempe was married, has a child, has social skills and lot longer list then that. It get the impression that someone came up with the autopsy person solves crimes angle. Fox, figuring that might be a lawsuit waiting to happen, attached themselves to Kathy Reichs and simply renamed the lead. This gave them a built in audience from the book and saved them from getting sued. Sounds like a grand conspiracy but really the ONLY similarities between the book and the show is the job title, name, and mystery genre. The rest is all new from the show's creator and writers.

Reaper - I am digging this show. Very entertaining, creative, and humorous. Its got it all going on. Might be my favorite new show of the season. So it will probably get cancelled.

House - Liking Survivor style House. Humorous, little ruthless, have a few characters wouldn't mind he keeps including the two main women, Olivia Wilde and the other one. I don't like the return of the original 3. They where fired, time to move on. Also for Mrs. Morrison, blond hair is not doing her any favors. Last year it was the skeletor look, this year its the dumb blonde look. None makes her look as beautiful as she did that first season.

Boston Legal - I honestly don't know why I watch this show. Its so damn silly. Yet I still do it.

Law & Order: SVU - Same o same o, once again in a good way. I am thinking Second Life didn't like this episode with the implications that predators might use the site to find victims.

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