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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Week 2 New Season 10/3

Another day, more random thoughts on TV stuff.

Pushing Daisies - Good new show. Very creative. It reminds me of Tim Burton in its quirky but not as dark style. Anna Faris looks good. One major plot point of the story is how the hero can't touch the love of his life or she will die again. Considering the danger shouldn't he wear long sleeve shirts and gloves? Or at least have some distance between them? Something as simple as tripping and its all over for her. I don't know why but that just bothers me. Anyway, the show has a lot of potential. A good pilot, but are the rest as good and will the premise hold your attention? That part is undecided for me.

Private Practice - I want to like this show. It means well. One main problem is the male characters are more engaging then the female characters. That's not a good thing. Also its a little to emotional for me. For a room full of doctors they sure do leave the logic circuits on standby alot. One more ep and then I give up on it.

Dirty Sexy Money - Same thing as last week. The whining of the rich and famous just isn't that compelling. Zoe McCellan continues to make me drool. Short hair works on her. Love her look with long more, but the short is working and not many women can pull that off. More of her and I might like the show more.

Criminal Minds - The final exit of Mandy Patinkin. Considering the way he left the show, he got a relatively classy exit. Most would have him die in some unflattering form or fashion but he just exited as he left - unsure and in search of himself. Hats off to the creators for that.

CSI: NY - Same o same o. Don't even remember what it was about. I am guessing someone was murdered and caught. Actually that brings to mind a major complaint (beyond the usual CSI's do everything, why do they have cops and detectives again), is the 100% capture record. Have them fail. Have them not catch the bad guy, not solve the crime. A little more realism, especially for a show set in New York, wouldn't be a bad thing.

Back To You - Funny but formula sitcom. Its entertains me and is quickly forgotten about.

Bionic Women - This show is going to get cancelled. Its a shame but its on its death legs and doesn't even know it. Its not the fault of the concept or the actors. The skeleton is solid. The problem is the writers. I said it before and will say it again. They don't know what to do. They have no idea how to add meat to the bones. The show is suffering from a lack of imagination. Its just do darn formula for a show that should break the formula. The rules need to be tossed out and killing the boyfriend from a shoulder wound isn't a start. Lose the sister, lose the angst. Create a sense of mystery. Create real villains and dangers. Use the powers in unique ways. Don't know how to do that, take a turn from the other shows such as Heroes and Lost - hire a comic book writer. They have the minds to go in weird directions. Use em. It may be to late though. Sadly I think its damage done.

Life - I am sticking to this show. Its quirky and entertaining. I don't see it lasting the season as its strange enough that audiences will not stick with it, but I plan on enjoying it. Besides Sarah Shahi makes for some fantastic eye candy. If the show wants to last though, the central mystery, who framed Charlie, needs to be stepped out and doled out less carefully. Creators have got to learn that they have a short window to grab the audience. Instead of worrying about what they will do when the show reaches season 5, they need to worry about making it to episode 5. That means play your cards. Play them furiousily. Don't hold back. If you get picked up, get the ratings, then you can worry about where going to get a new deck. If your concept is solid enough, it should help you come up with a new deck on its own.

South Park - Still outrageious, still entertaining and funny as all get out. Better then any five sitcoms on TV in my opinion.

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