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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Week 2 New Season 10/4

More mini-thoughts on the new season.

Ugly Betty - I don't even remember it was about I was so bored by it.

Grey's Anatomy - People where said. People want to hook up, others want to break up. Basically the same story as the previous 3 seasons. Does have Chyler Leigh though who is an poorly used hottie.

Big Shots - The show is ok. Its cute but not much else. Do like the gorgeous female cast led by the stunning Paige Turco and the lovely eyed Peyton List. I would rather the show focus on the female cast then the male frankly.

Survivor: China - Someone got kicked off the island.

CSI - Not bad episode. Kind of gross, with a guy losing his head to tire debris.

Without A Trace - Something happened. Don't know, faded out towards the end.

Smallville - Officially introduced Supergirl played by Laura Vandervoort. At a distance, the girl is gorgeous. Close up, the body is fantastic but the face not so much. The acting, well lets just say she needs some more schooling. For me though the hottie of the show remains Allison Mack.

Supernatural - Off to a banging start with the heroes going after the 7 Deadly Sins...but didn't know it. Its seems the goal of the show is to up the danger anty. Also nice is the Dean character has one year to live and his reaction is to basically eat and screw who he wants. For TV thats an oddly realistic reaction. Also amusingly handled on this show.

My Name is Earl - Early and his bro, back together again behind bars. Also gay prison dudes. It was funny thought.

30 Rock - The Seinfeld episode. Handled pretty well actually. Seinfeld seemed to cheerfully make fun of himself and the show enjoyed beating up on NBC.

The Office - Eh, it was alright. Didn't laugh that much.

ER - Same o.

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