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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Week 2 New Season 10/5


Moonlight - The show has potential. This episode was pretty entertaining. Getting into the life, both past and present, of the vampire is not a bad idea. Getting into their "culture" would be even better. Sadly I doubt this show will last mid-season.

Numbers - Same o.

Friday Night Lights - A character committs murder. Technically it was self-defense but really he would be tossed in the slammer. For a show about football, this is a little too deep to be frank. Its a jump the shark moment to me. Which is pretty bad for a season 2 show. Also Lila is a born again. At least they have the fervency correct as born again don't have the life long filter so tend to take it way to far. It also makes for boring TV. Another bad choice. Then you have the coach who hasn't seen his family for 9 months because the writers last season wrote themselves into a stupid corner. Clearly, over the course of the next few eps, the current Panthers coach will take things to far and get fired. The hero coach, missing his family, will come back. Still it has Connie Britton who is a goddess. I like a lot of hotties on TV but she is the queen to me. Yummy

Las Vegas - Stuff happened. Don't remember what because I got bored. This season just isn't that interesting. I think it because the personal lives of the characters is most of the show now rather then some of the show. Also the fun is gone or at least dimisished. Something is missing and no its not Caan or god forbid that skeleton Nikki Cox. No the writing is missing something.

Stargate: Atlantis - The heroes win this battle once again. Sure its predictable but has great special effects, highly entertaining and really nothing similar on TV right now.

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