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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Week 3 New Season 10/10

Whee Wednesday's shows.

Bionic Woman - If reports are true, then the musical chairs of showrunner has finally been won by Jason Katims (Roswell). Previous runners included Glen Morgan (X-Files), Laeta Kalogridis (Alexander), and Jason Smilovic (Kidnapped). All of whom have the same thing in common - great at the one big idea that can create a TV show, but not the details that support the show. The result has been a series of shows whose central ideas where often poorly handled and boring, costing them audience numbers. Sound familiar? Yep, once again the lack of imagination reared its ugly head as the hero and the villain Bionic Women supposedly have to help each other out. Someone one can save the other. Details where sketchy on how. Anyway the problem is they are trying to make the villain a sympathetic one. Sure she killed 14+ people, nearly killed Jaime, and killed her unborn baby and fiance, but she is just misunderstood! Basically lack of pre-planning is the problem here. They want to keep the villain but can't figure out how. Making her straight up evil would have been entertaining but she knows so much about everything, you have problems of why she just doesn't do scorch earth as some point so the sympathetic angle. Except her history doesn't fuel sympathy. Flip flopping doesn't work. They need to stick with evil and limit her somehow, wipe her knowledge of Jamie and whatnot, something so can be an effective villain. The gorgeous sister can be her first victim as she does nothing for the show or the lead. Its still a poorly thought out add-on. A familiar theme for this show that has great potential that is being wasted.

Life - Sadly this show is just strange enough that it will probably be cancelled but the more I watch, the more I like. Its goofy but well done and the cast gives excellent performances.

South Park - Bono or "Biddy" vs Stan's Dad for the largest crap in the world. Not kidding. In the ep, its revealed that Bono is the largest crap in the world, birth during a movement. No, still not kidding. Also, some fun is had about their Emmy win. The over the top but hilarious storytelling continues. Pretty sure Bono isn't a happy man though.

Criminal Minds - Ex-psychiatrist uses patients fears to kill them. Interesting ep, for some reason didn't hold my attention.

CSI: NY - Guy robs places dressed like 007. Teammates turn on him. The CSI/cop/detective solves it. The usual.

Pushing Daisies - 2nd episode in and its still very strange. It has it own unique everything. From storytelling, to visuals, to characters and execution. Its actually pretty amazing and very entertaining. Highly recommend. Anna Friel remains drool worthy and its clear a directive came down to oomph her sex appeal as the cleavage was on display (not complaining). Kristin Chenoweth is already walking sex appeal so nothing needed to be done there. The now short hair works, but still prefer her long locks. The goofy story was a car tester dies, people are being killed to be car test dummies, a redhead goes boom (but survives), and a car is fueled by dandilions. Like I said, very unique show.

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