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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Week 3 New Season 10/9

More mini TV reviews.

Boston Legal - Don't even remember what happened. Call it the same o.

NCIS - Decent episode as the various loves of Gibbs gets together and creates ackwardness for him. Oh and someone was murdered but was caught.

Beauty and the Geek - Sign the shallow but gorgeous Rebecca was kicked from the show. It seems the hottest women are the ones going first. Otherwise the show still isn't as good as the first season as there seems to be no growth from anyone on the program.

Reaper - Ew bugs. At least in the beginning wiht a roach. After that if thankfully changed to crappy CGI bees. I don't even remember the gist of the story but was entertained.

Bones - Someone was killed. Someone was caught. I think. I tuned out half of it.

House - Hilarious. The Survivor motif (complete with flaming bunsun burners) could have fallen flat but instead it been incredibly entertaining and at this point I am going to be disppointed when the field is reduced to three as like most of the remaining "contestants". Its also contines to explore House in solid ways and amazingly enough showed how his previous three students where influenced by him. All in all, writing at its finest.

Law & Orde: SVU - Melissa Joan Hart guests as a teacher accused of statutory rape only to turn out to have been raped, given the clap, got preggers by the rapist, who turned out to be addicted to sex and can't control himself. He in turn is raped by an adult male just like him and settles for 1 million dollars. Basically the typical convuluted, tragic, but excellent SVU episode.

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