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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week 4 New Season 10/15

CSI: Miami - Tim Speedle (killed when Rory Cochran decided to leave the show) returns via hallucianations from Eric that eventually lead to the probable firing of a lab tech for using Speedle's credit card. Credit card debt being the theme where apparently college age couple apparently don't understand the concept of "debt" and "credit limits" and how you have to pay that back. So they try to kill themselves. The girl succeeds, the boy chickens out and kills the man that talked them into signing up for the credit card. Bizarre episode overall.

Chuck - I now have decided this is my favorite show of the new season. Highly entertaining and the women, both lead and guest, are just so damn gorgeous. In this ep, Chuck has to help steal a diamond from drug dealer who is keeping it for terrorists. Failure means money for the terrorists groups to do terrorists things. Guns get pointed, people get kicked, Chuck gets propositioned several times and sexiness abounds.

Heroes - The story moves along at a glacier pace. Silar somehow appears from the middle of a rain forest into the middle of a Mexican road and gets picked up by the annoying and boring Plague Twins (whose death count rivals Silar, not exactly something to feel sympathy for). I feel teased by thoughts of him killing them but it doesn't happen. Petrelli and MAtt, working together to clear Angela P, find a picture that shows the leadership of the Company (and 1st generation of Heroes), many that are familiar faces from the previous and current season. Also the girl "reveals" that Matt's father is the "nightmare man" that could be killing the 1st gen heroes. I smell misdirection. Heredity seems to be a theme for powers but not necessarily a requirement. Stuff going on with Uhura (wee Nichelle Nichols), Micah and family in New Orleans, but kind of didn't really care. Claire on a date with dickhead flying boy who rubs me the wrong way. The death of mop head would be a fantastic story development but the 8 painting subplot suggests stuck with him to end of the season. Peter, Hiro, and others took a break this episode.

Journeyman - Rescues a hotty from one of her boyfriends and the crap between his wife gets worse from his disappearances. Meh episode.

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