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Monday, June 30, 2008

007 Trailer, Box Office, Wanted Secrets, Lego Gun and Smith's Scientology School

007 Quantum of Solace Trailer - Bond 22 is coming November 7th and the trailer is finally out. The story is a continuation of the last film where the boyfriend of Vesper seeks out revenge against 007 for her death and in turn 007 is looking for revenge against those that put in her that position to begin with. The trailer will be released in theaters with Hancock. Click the link above for HD version.

Wall-E, Wanted Rule Box Office - The two movies did a one-two punch at the box office. One is G rated, the other R and yet both did well showing that their remains a solid market for both the young and the older. I saw both and recommend both. Wall-E took in $62.5 million making it the second highest June opening for Disney. Wanted is second with $51.118 million making it the most successful R-rated opening yet. Get Smart hangs on to third with a $20 million take losing a little under 50% of its sales from the previous weekend. Kung Fu Panda ($11.746 million) and The Incredible Hulk ($9.226) round out the top 5.

Wanted Stunt Secrets - An article in Wired, timed to help promote Wanted, reveals how some of the stunts where performed. Some of those stunts where amazing so after seeing the movie its worth checking out how they did that.

Lego Gun - Watch the below video for a Lego gun that fires off Lego bullets. Click the link above to buy (sadly) instructions on how to build one you.

Will Smith's Scientology School - The fall of Will Smith continues as he Scientology web closes around him. He has started his own school which is staffed partially by Scientologists with the goal of teaching the Scientology way. If judging by past history, their methods are usually a crock of shit and designed to entice more into the fold. The school is supposed to open next fall and I think the parents that sign up is worth looking into as I bet most, if not all, will be Scientologists.

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