"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Monday, June 23, 2008

Get Smart Rules Box Office - Despite sub par reviews, Get Smart managed to exceed expectations by five million and land $39 million over the weekend. I expect the drop will be significant for next week. The other new movie, Mike Myers universally panned "The Love Guru", took in a pathetic $14 million and probably will quickly drop off the radar as its pushed even further aside by next week's Wanted and Wall-E. Incredible Hulk and Kung-Fu Panda both took in $21.7 million. Chances are Hulk will probably not another sequel though as it will probably just eke out profitability.

Android Delayed, Difficult - The WSJ is reporting that Google's Android may not be the iPhone killer the non AT&T providers where hoping for. Its probably going to be delayed at least a year (I bet more), difficult to program for compared to the iPhone, and the OS still isn't locked down so it’s constantly changing. Long story short, if you are not getting an iPhone because you think Android will be better, you might as well stop waiting, it will be a while and more then likely need to wait for 2.0 anyway so the bugs are worked out.

MPAA, Due Process A Waste, Just Pay Up - In a story of the bizarre, a lawyer for the MPAA is basically saying that people should be charged as guilty and pay up and they should not have to bother with something as difficult as "proof". Proof is just so hard so why waste time demanding it.

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