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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lego Space Center, Death Star and

Lego Kennedy Space Center - Click the link for a video that shows off Kennedy Space Center complete with shuttles, buildings, etc all built with 750,000 Legos.
Lego Allanz Arena Stadium - Gallery that shows off the stadium built with 1,300,000 Legos and 30,000 mini-figures. It resides at the Munich, Germany Legoland.

Lego Death Star - A $400 Lego set that contains 14 scenes, 21 mini-figures and built from 4000 bricks. As the video at the link above shows, it has lots of goodies built in too. Click here for a gallery and description.

Lego Digital Designer - If the above has inspired you, Lego offers the Lego Digital Designer that lets you use 763 different Lego brick types to virtually create any creation you come up with and then order the bricks to build it for real.

Lego Airbus A380 - Another video, this going over a 1:25 scale lego plane made with 75,000 bricks that took 600 hours to assemble.

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