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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Onion, iPhone Cost, Smurfs, Hulk, and Clone Wars

World of World of Warcraft - The onion strikes again, this time with a report of a "sequel" to World of Warcraft where players create avatars...that play World of Warcraft. It is hilarious piece.

'Warcraft' Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing 'Warcraft'

iPhone 3G True Price - Gizmodo did a little number crunching to determine how much owning an iPhone 3G will set you back over the course of a two year contract with AT&T. The conclusion: $1975. This is based on AT&T cheapest plan of $39 for 450 minutes, $30 unlimited data plan, and $5 200 messages SMS. I really want this phone but still not sure if paying that extra $35 a month (for data and SMS) gives me doubts. But doing business with AT&T considering its reputation is even more dubious. I am curious to see if there new 3G network can handle the load.

The Smurfs Are Coming? - Sony Animation has indicated it plans to bring the 80s cartoon about tiny blue woodland creatures that like to say "smurf" alot to the big screen. I grew up on the show but not entirely sure it’s something I want to see "modernized" or on the big screen.

Hulk Director's Cut on DVD? - According to reports, apparently the Louis Leterrier/Edward Norton cut of the upcoming Hulk film cam in at around three hours. Marvel Studios demanded a faster pace cut so the final film is now 106 minutes. What to do with the remaining 70 minutes? Put em on DVD of course. I guess have to wait until see the movie to decide if the longer version is worth it.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Another trailer for the upcoming CGI movie. Personally the whole Clone Wars thing just doesn't interest me. I rather see CGI stuff of the extended universe stories post Return of the Jedi.

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