"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Friday, June 13, 2008

Russert, Punisher, Watchman, Hulk, and Galactica

Tim Russert Dead at 58 - The famous political commentator Tim Russert died today of a heart attack at work. He was the host of Meet the Press since 1991 and a regular commentator for all things political over the years.

Watchman Trailer Date - Chud's sources are saying the first trailer for Watchman, an adaptation of the comic book, is coming out with The Dark Knight, so July 18th.

Punisher: War Zone Teaser Trailer - The new trailer for the Punisher with Ray Stevenson in the role. I have to admit the trailer doesn't do it for me. The movie is scheduled to come out December 5th.

Edward Norton, A Sense of Humor? - The egomaniac that is Edward Norton poke his head out to actually make a little fun of himself and the Hulk. It’s a goofy video aired on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Click the link to see.

Galactica in 2009 - Battlestar Galactica ends the first half of its final season tonight with an apparent job-dropping cliffhanger. The conclusion of the series is expected to air in the first quarter of next year, so a long long wait. In addition it’s possible the final episode could be expanded to three hours meaning the final count will 12 episodes for the series.

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