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Monday, July 21, 2008

Box Office, At the Movies, Leno, and Lego Factory

Dark Knight Rules Box Office - The movie took down more then a few records this weekend with highest sales for each day and the most money in one weekend with $158.3 million topping previous record holder Spider-Man 3 by 7 million. Despite the competition, Mamma Mia managed to take in a respectable $27.605 million, Hancock was 3rd with $14 million, Journey to Center of the Earth was 4 with $12.3 million and finally Hellboy II took a nasty 70% tumble to 5th with $10 million. That drop was probably a direct of many of those willing to see Hellboy probably decided to see Dark Knight first.

At The Movies with? & ? - Ebert and Roeper have both decided to not renew their contracts to continue the 30+ year old review program. The reason why is not known but apparently Disney plans on going in a new direction with the show (probably something "hipper") and those two didn't want to be associated with the change.

Leno's Last Night - NBC has announced its plan to turn over The Tonight Show torch to Conan O'Brien. Jay Leno's last day will be Friday May 29th and O'Brien's first day as the new host is June 1st. The last day for O'Brien's program and Fallon's start date is unknown. Where Leno will go after that is up in the air but apparently he has many interested networks.

Inside the Lego Factory - Click the link for a three part video and description of how a Lego set is created. It involves lots of plastic, robots and computers. Pretty amazing that all that works so well really.

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  1. Jay Leno is one lucky pedestrian of comedians. How he secured the Tonight Show is beyond belief.

    His humor is so pathetic and amature in delivery. No timing, no class, no etiquette.

    Leno brings new meaning to a real no-talent frump in a Armani suit.