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Monday, July 07, 2008

Chrono Trigger DS, Hancock, and Mega Man 9

Chrono Trigger DS - Square has announced that coming Christmas of this year (which means a delay to next year) will be a tweaked version of Chrono Trigger done in the same way that Final Fantasy III and IV for the DS have been re-made. I still have the original Super NES game which was a fun RPG that had multiple endings and paths to the ending depending on the choices made throughout the game.

Hancock Rules the Box Office - Will Smith's Mr. July record continues as he took in a nice $62 million over the July 4th holidays. Including international sales that brings the movie up to around $181 million for the first week. Wall-E took in $32 million, Wanted earned $20 million and Get Smart added $11 million.

Mega Man 9 Footage - After about a 15 year or more break, Capcom has finally returned to the original Blue Bomber. As the footage below shows, the game will return to its roots in the 9 bit era complete with goofy jump and new bosses including Splash Woman (the first female boss of the series). The game is supposed to be released on Wii Ware at some point in time.

5 Reasons Not Proud of American Cars - An article that discusses some of the problems with the American Auto Industry. Their valid complaints in descending order: poor product planning, poor design choices, getting retro wrong, health care and retirees (hurting the industry), and failure for people and government to protect automakers. On the last one I say tough shit. If American car companies want to remain king, they need to produce vehicles worthy of our dollars and currently they are not doing that.

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