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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Doctor Who Finale, iPhone, and Car Sales

Doctor Who Season Finale Promo - The cliffhanger of the last episode indicates a new Who is on the horizon..or maybe not. Either way I am looking forward to it and below is a trailer that provides few hints on what’s coming.

Cars Sales Plunge - Another sign that a recession has become a self fulfilling prophecy, car sales dropped 18.3% for June and I doubt July will be any better. GM took an 18.2% drop, Ford 27.8%, Chrysler 35.9%, Nissan 17.7%, and Toyota around 11%. For some reason the companies are saying lack of supply is the problem, but not something I noticed on any of the lots I drive by. Only Honda showed growth but only 1.1%.

Official Pricing and Plans for the iPhone - AT&T is starting to prep for the July 11th release of the iPhone with it’s plans and a how to prep to purchase video (below). The plans themselves are essentially the regular plans with a $30 unlimited data charge added. The only thing I can't figure out is how much an iPhone plan plus extra non-iPhone plan would cost. If it’s too much I will just have to do without.

SSD Memory Does Not Improve Battery Runtime - According to a report from Tom's Hardware, the new and very expensive solid state hard drives do not improve laptop battery life as many assumed. The reason comes to SSDs have a simple on or off state. When off, they use no power and when on they use what ever the max power they need to operate. With a regular hard drive though, the amount of power used is based on how hard to platter reader has to work. So if a lot of read/writes are needed over a fragmented drive, then more power used. If less needed, then less power is used. The net result is over all less power is used by a standard hard drive compared to an SSD. Click the above clink for the detailed report.

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