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Thursday, July 10, 2008

iPhone 3G Release Link Party

The iPhone 3G is now available depending on where you are in the world. As a result Apple has completed the needed prep and now the information is hitting the internet describing all the new toys available. I really want an iPhone but so far I can't determine if their plans will meet my needs since I need a family plan only where one part is iPhone and the other part is a regular phone. So far everything they have doesn't account for a mixed use setup. On to the links and info.

iPhone Disassembled - Pics that show you the guts of the iPhone 3G
Mini Faq - From Engadget, it answers some of the concerns that users have had about the new phone including the GPS, mailbox, sound quality and other things.
Firmware 2.0 is Live - Its been recommended that if you already have an iPhone, don't bother upgrading to the new phone (with the more expensive plans). Instead you can upgrade the firmware and enjoy most of the benefits without any of the additional cost. Even better, you get it without lines and from the comfort of home.
iPhone Remote App - A new program from Apple with 2.0 provides the ability to run iTunes remotely. The app plays songs, searches your library and shows your playlists all from the iPhone so you don't have to keep walking across the home every time you want to skip that song you’re not in the mood for. Click the link for a video of it in action.
App Store Now Live - Even if you don't have the iPhone, the app store (via iTunes) is now live and lets you explore the many programs and games that are available. It seems that about 25% of the programs are free so plenty of fun can be had.
App Reviews - Gizmodo reports that there are about 552 different apps currently available and they seemed to determined to review some of the best they come across. Good for trying to find the most useful stuff.
iPhone Games - Impressions for a bunch of new games available for the iPhone. It seems the average cost of a game is $5 or $10 so it might help you in spending that money wisely.
iPhone 3G Video - A 10 minute video that unboxes the iPhone and covers some of its new features.

Update: More links
Apple Store Availability Check - Use this link to see if the apple stores got new iPhone in, seems like in most cases it updates nightly after 9pm.
Free Apps Review - Quick reviews of a few free apps
iPhone Review - Review from Engadget. Positive, but notes the battery doesn't last as long as the first gen.

Sigh I really want this phone but sadly AT&T simply doesn't have a plan that fits my needs (450 minute iPhone plan + extra line for regular phone). Instead they want me to get the 700 minute family plan + $30 for data for extra cost of $20 for minutes I simply don't need. As always the inflexibility of AT&T is Apple's Achilles heal on the mobile phone front.

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