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Friday, July 25, 2008

SDCC Movie Stuff

San Diego Comic-con is in its second day and some news here and there has come out of note to me.

Knight Rider panel - Below is video of the promo clip that shows a much more exciting series as Las Vegas creator Gary Scott Thompson brings his brand of visuals and energy to the show. The result appears to be a much improved show. There is also the video of the entire panel as the cast and producers discuss the show. Deanna Russo is looking quite gorgeous and enough reason for me to at least sample the show.

Punisher: War Zone Red Band Trailer - This more violent trailer was first shown at the SDCC panel yesterday. The movie is coming out December 5th. AICN is reporting that behind the scenes changes (jettison the director/editor) will probably result in a studio cut that will probably not be very good.

Watchman Footage Description - Not yet available online, so you will have to do with the description of the footage shown during the panel. I have read the comic but still can't decide if the movie interests me. Panel pics here.

Tron 2 Info - A rather awesome sounding description of footage shown at the panel including an appearance from Jeff Bridges.

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