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Monday, July 28, 2008

Unusual Builds, Box Office, and Randy Pausch

Lego Beijing Olympics - The Hong Kong Lego Users Group created the gallery at the link that is truly a work of great skill. The resulting structures have plenty of details that re-create the various venues for the upcoming Games.

"Rolling Through the Bay" - Click the link for a video that shows a toothpick structure of San Francisco built by Scott Weaver. It took 35 years to build and 100,000 toothpicks. It has a ball that rolls through the structure in "Rube Goldberg fashion."

Dark Knight Rules, X-Files Flops - The Dark Knight maintained its stranglehold on the box office dollars with an additional $75.6 million in revenue over the weekend. This allowed the movie to become the fastest to reach the $300 million threshold in just 10 days beating Pirates 3 previous mark by 4 days. Currently it is on track to reach the $500 million mark, making it the second highest domestic earner just behind Titanic. Step Brothers did well, taking in $30M, Mamma Mia was at $17.8M. X-Files (awful, boring movie) took in a disappointing $10 million and will probably just barely re-coup its $30 million cost. Don't see that movie, don't rent that movie, it’s not worth one dollar, regardless of how big an X-Files fan you are. Its not the actors fault, it is the director's and writer's fault. Just garbage.

Rockport Paper House - Click the link for a gallery that shows a house, furniture, and decorations make completely out of paper, glue and varnish. The house was completed in 1924 by Elis Stenman and continues to stand despite the 80 years that have passed.

Randy Pausch ABC Special - In April Randy Pausch was the focus of an hour long ABC Special with an interview with him. He died Friday from the cancer that triggered the memorable and inspirational Lecture.

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