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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beijing Olympics, Transporter 3 and Weekend Box Office

Beijing 2008 Closing Ceremony - Sadly the 2008 Olympics ended with the closing ceremonies. While not as good as the opening, they where still pretty darn good. While many like Phelps, I like his sisters more and enjoyed Shawn Johnson's performances more. To bad NBC didn't show more cycling. Overall a highly entertaining Olympics and I am looking forward to London in 2012. As for those that like NBC's credits roll that showed lots of great images of the Olympics, the music played during it are "To The Stars" from the Dragonheart Soundtrack by Randy Edelman and "Titan's Spirit" from Remember The Titans Soundtrack by Trevor Rabin.

Lego Stormtroopers Do The Olympics - Click the link to enjoy Lego Stormtroopers recreating several Olympic events.

Olympics Break New Viewership Records - About 86% of the US TV audience tuned into the Olympics this years breaking previous viewership records. The average viewers were about 100 million a day and that doesn't include the 10s of millions of hits a day NBC's Olympic website received. It’s nice to see that despite the years that it remains an event that doesn't seem to be losing any steam.

Transporter 3 Teaser - A new trailer is out for Transporter 3. Personally I am looking forward to the films because the previous 2 where very entertaining and fun. Great popcorn movies.

Weekend Box Office - Tropic Thunder (boring) remained top dog with a $16.1M take. The House Bunny (cute but really silly) was at the second spot with $15.1M. Death Race (a whole lot of fun, highly recommend) came in at number 3 with $12.3M. The Dark Knight is close to crossing the $500M threshold with another $10.3M in the money sack. Finally Star Wars: The Clone Wars (blah, rent it) took in $5.7M.

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