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Thursday, August 14, 2008

All NES Games, No Invasion, How To Videos, and Mega Man 9 Intro

Mega Man 9 Intro - As a sign of how old school Mega Man 9 will be, check out the intro that harkens back to the 80s when intros like this where considered cutting edge.

Top 10 How To Videos - From lifehacker.com is videos that show a few tricks to save money and get more bang out of your devices such as buying a car successfully, seal chips without a clip, folder a shirt and many more.

Lucas on Clone Wars - Dark Horizons spoke with George Lucas about the upcoming Clone Wars movie and TV series and some of the decisions made for the series.

Nearly Every NES Game Auction - Well probably not every game made but as the picture shows, its a huge chunk of them. Click the link for the auction. Only problem is you need about $4k for the purchase. If I was rich, I would definitely be buying right now. You can also go to NintendoEarth.com and view all the cartridges available.

Invasion Bad...In Europe - The Daily Show has fun with how the Russian invasion of Georgia seems similar to the US's invasion of Iraq but as the Bush admin tries to stress it isn't because invading a country isn't allowed if its part of Europe.

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