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Friday, August 22, 2008

Munn's Fear, Stargate Universe, Superman Reboot, and Bond Move

Munn and Balloons - The lovely Olivia Munn of the Attack of the Show has a fear of balloons popping. Why? Who knows but the reactions are hilarious. Watch the below clip and you will learn a few things about the Munn. A) She is gorgeous B) She has balls, as she is doing the same thing as asking someone afraid of heights to jump off a building c) she has a hell of a sense of humor. d) Of course D, watching people do crap involving their fear is freaking funny. Her reactions are classic. For a woman so gorgeous you wouldn’t think she would be so cool.

Stargate: Universe - The real reason for the cancellation of Stargate: Atlantis has been revealed. To pay for the cost of the new series Stargate: Universe. The series will launch with a 2 hour movie and then start its run next summer. The series is Star Trekish as a new cast boards the Ancients ship Destiny that begins a pre-programmed course to explore the galaxy. Where it goes and when it leaves, the crew has no control over so anything could happen (but probably will not).

Superman Reboot -Due to the success of The Dark Knight and semi-success of the Incredible Hulk, WB has announced that the studio will reboot the Superman franchise along dark lines. They also indicated they are finally learning from Marvel and taking a page from their book of making movies on many of their different properties and then down the line doing a group movie (Justice League). Personally I have my doubts as WB talks a lot but does very little.

Bond Moves a Week - Now that Harry Potter has abandoned its Thanksgiving time slot and Twilight moved to fill it, WB moved Quantum of Solace up a week to try to take advantage of those Thanksgiving buck. So now the new release date is November 14th.

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