"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama, Palin, Landspeeder, Mythbusters, and SNES Controller

Obama: He Completes Us - Hilarious spoof of the happy bio video that usually airs during the convention from the Daily Show.

Governor Sarah Palin as Republican VP Nominee - Senator McCain has made his choice and his choice is a hot 44 year old governor from Alaska that has been in office for all of 22 months. You’re probably going who? too. She is an ultra-conservative, claims to be big on fiscal responsibility while trying to privatize everything in the state (which has yet to work for anything), claims to be against corruption (while under investigation for corruption), pro Iraq war (son going to Iraq, or was anyway), and huge right conservative. More to it but really she was chosen for one reason and one reason only - she has a vagina. The PUMA and other Hillary like supporters have shown that the only thing they care about in a candidate is their sex and this is a way to meet that need and peal those voters away from Obama. The little hotty has a chance to make history to bad the why isn't more substantial then she just happens to be a woman rather then say a highly qualified woman that really was the best person for the job (crazy thought I know).

Drivable Star Wars Landspeeder - Someone with a bit of creativity and too much free time has created a working Landspeeder that can go as fast as 25mph. Click the link for the gallery.

Mythbusters 1100 Barrel Paintball - Click the link for a video that is a demonstration of the difference between single and multicore processors using paintball guns. The multicore processors example was 1100 barrels that created a pizelized version of the Mona Lisa in one shot. Very cool in the end with the slow mo.

Four-Foot SNES Controller - click the link for a gallery of pictures that show the construction of a working four foot long Super NES controller. Pretty sweet looking but must be a pain to play Mario Bros with.

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