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Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympics Mostly Phelps Edition

Phelps Wins 100M Butterfly - In one of the most exciting races of the games, click the link to watch as Phelps pulls off a come from the behind victory by the smallest possible measurement of 1/100 of a second. Click here to watch his mom's hilarious reaction to the near loss. The victory tied Mark Spitz for most gold medals in a single Olympics.

Phelp's 1/100 Second Win Frame By Frame - From SI is a frame by frame breakdown that shows that yes Phelps did win the 100m butterfly by a fingernail.

Phelps Pass Spitz - Click the link to watch the 4x200M free relay where Michael Phelps passed a probably very annoyed Mark Spitz for the most gold medals in a single Olympics. This also brings his total medals to 17, making him the second most decorated Olympian in the modern era.

8 Golds Means More Gold - Thanks to Phelps achievements; it appears he is likely to start entering the realm of mega-bucks in endorsement contracts. He already has pocketed a 1 million dollar bonus from Speedo, has $5 million a year in existing contracts and is estimated to hit around $30 million thanks to his recent achievements. Being the best has its rewards.

Olympians Need Condoms - Not work safe site that has an article that discusses the hundred of thousands of condoms that the Olympians need during the course of the Olympics. Now that Phelps has broken his record, I wouldn't be surprised if he is going through a few boxes of them.

Gymnastics New Scoring System Needs Work - It used to be the measure of a performance was measure on a scale of 0 to 10. The closer to 10 the better. Seems simple enough. Now the scoring system is some complicated mess that requires paragraphs to explain and even then most are going to scratch their head and go "huh?". Even worse is it appears that ties are no longer allowed as a rather complicated three tier tie breaking method that had something to using deductions from three of the lowest scoring judges that cost Nastia Liukin a gold on the uneven bars to Cheng Fei. Both scored the same so it seems natural they both get gold but I guess that is too complicated.

Beijing Olympic Building with 140,000 Playing Cards - Click the link to see a video of the major buildings of the Olympic Games such as the Bird's Nest, Swimming Cube and others as built from playing cards.

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