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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stargate Cancelled, Mythbusters, Lich King, and Free Ringtones

Stargate Atlantis Cancelled - Sci-Fi announced today that it is not going to renew the television show for a sixth season. As a result the 100th episode that will air in January will also be the show's final episode. The plan is to live on in direct to DVD movies but I doubt such a plan will last long. This probably also means that plans for a 3rd spin-off Stargate Universe has been canned. The show continued to be one of Sci-Fi's most popular shows so the probable cause of the cancellation is the continued incompetent management of NBC. Since the flagship channel continues to fail to grab viewers the loss in revenue is being spread among all the networks resulting in a need for budget cuts. Considering Stargate was probably one of Sci-Fi's most expensive shows, cutting that one program probably met most of the cost cutting measures required.

Mythbusters to Bust Moon Landing Hoax - The new episode of Mythbusters coming next week plans to prove that the moon landing really occurred. It appears the plan is to try to recreate the various theories that "prove" that the landing was a hoax.

Wrath of the Lich King Intro - Joystiq has the intro the next expansion of World of Warcraft. As a non player (due to crappy computer) I don't really understand what is happening in the video but it sure looks good whatever it is.

Free Ringtones for iPhone - Click the link get instructions on how to create ringtones for the iPhone for free. Just make sure you have DRM free music and you’re good to go.

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