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Monday, August 18, 2008

Voltron, Fishburn and Box Office

Voltron Dropped and Pick-up - The oft rumored live action Voltron film saga continues as New Regency passed on the film but Relativity Media quickly stepped in to get the rights, shooting for a cheaper budget by using the film techniques used in 300 and Watchmen.

Fishburne to CSI - Film star and king of gravitas Laurence Fishburne has agreed to replace William Petersen on CSI. Petersen has decided to leave the show by the 8th episode and Fishburne will start by the ninth. The character is a college professor who is interested in the why of serial killers because he has a genetic profile that indicates he could have the same proclivities (eye roll).

The Dark Knight Falls - After five weeks, The Dark Knight finally stopped taking the number one slot for the weekend box office. Instead Tropic Thunder was crowned king with a $26M take to Knight's $16.8M. Star Wars The Clone Wars did ok with $15.5M and was probably done in by many bad reviews. Mirrors, $11.1M, and Pineapple Express, $10M, round out the top 5. Of note is with a total domestic take of $471.5M, the Dark Knight passed Star Wars for the number two spot in all time sales. Of course what isn't mentioned is the world wide take and in that regard the movie sits at the number 19th spot ($800.1M) and needs at least a billion more in sales to reach the number one slot.

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