"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Monday, September 08, 2008

Iron Man 2, Dell Move, XBox Woes, Robin on Sarah, and RNC

Win An Iron Man 2 Role - In an auction for Stand Up To Cancer, there is an auction to buy a role on the sequel. The winner gets a one day set visit, meet the cast, extra role (may or may not have a line), photo tour of the set and tickets to the LA premiere. The bidding ends on September 15th at midnight EST. The current bid is around $6000.00.

Dell Moving Overseas - As a sign of the times, Dell is going to sell nearly $2.6 billion in production plants in the United States so can move its operations to China. Much like IBM, the company will probably claim to be US based even though a majority of its workforce will not be.

Story of the Xbox 360 Production Issues - As most people with an XBox 360 are aware, there is very much a real threat of getting the vile red ring of death. It turns out that not only was Microsoft aware of the production problems that caused it (as high as 68% failed at first, now around 15%) but it’s the typical story of spreadsheet managers making decisions outside their scope of knowledge.

Robin Williams on Sarah Palin - Robin Williams, in a David Letterman interview, does a hilarious analysis of the Sarah Palin nomination.

9-11 RNC "Tribute" and Olbermann's Reaction - As part of convention last week, the RNC aired a very graphic "tribute" to 9/11 that existed to do one thing and one thing only - remind people that they are scared and scared people should vote Republican. The party, in probably the last 100 years has never run a platform that didn't have fear as a major component, but exploiting the death of 3000 American's is a low blow. As Olbermann points out correctly, if the Democrats or a TV channel ever aired the footage they did, the backlash would have been huge.

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